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Customized Consultation

Customized Consultation

The foundation of Albers Zeilmakerij, as we know it today, was laid in 1901. Since then, we have become one of the largest suppliers of custom sails in the Netherlands. The combination of leading products and tailored advice makes Albers Zeilmakerij unique within the sailmaking industry. Setting ourselves apart from the market with our specials and custom solutions, we also cater to series production.

To maintain our distinctive edge, we invest in the knowledge of our employees and prioritize the development of new and innovative ideas. From advice and design to realization and installation, Albers Zeilmakerij takes care of it all.

Interested in any of our products? We would like to sit down with you to discuss your wishes. Contact us to schedule a meeting. Prefer to learn more about our advisory process first? Click the button below.

Customized Consultation

Our Locations in the Netherlands: Ede and Hoogeveen

Albers Zeilmakerij is situated in the BT A12 business park, boasting a stunning, high-visibility location along the A12 in Ede, Netherlands. Thanks to our central positioning, we are easily accessible from all over the country. Housed in a modern, forward-thinking facility, our operations span 8,000 square meters across three floors. Our Ede location is fully equipped to produce various types of sails, including shade sails, transport sails, industrial sails, promotional sails, sliding curtains, tennis court covers, and insulation blankets.

The basement serves as storage space, while the ground floor accommodates a spacious production hall, offices, and a staff cafeteria. On the first floor, you’ll find the advertising department, sewing workshop, and a production hall dedicated to specials.

Do you live in the north of the Netherlands? Then you can choose to drive to our office in Hoogeveen. This 870-square-meter facility specializes in manufacturing and supplying transport, recreational, and private sails, serving as the primary service point for Northern Netherlands.

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Need help or advice?

Need help or advice?

Did you know our team consists of over 40 professionals? Just share your question or comment, and we’ll make sure you get connected with the right person.

Albers Zeilmakerij has been a household name in the sailmaking industry for over 120 years.

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